Keeping Score: Late June


After several starts and stops, and a few dozen bad words, the first cut of chapter 2 is complete! It’s currently in the 1900 word range. I’m concentrating more on narrative and action than description, so that will likely increase. After Orchids Ablaze it feels like a very long chapter! I even pulled out part of the material intended for the chapter to place into an interlude. Ultimately I think the story moves better that way.


I’m already seeing opportunities to rearrange chapters to flow better. I’m constantly struggling with meshing the content in this second book with Orchids Ablaze. It’s the continuing problem: how much can I say without giving away the story in the first book. Putting the plot together coherently for the sequel is not easy for me when I can’t directly use plot elements from the first story.

Like this entire publishing adventure, I’m learning as I go. It’s challenging and exciting in that sense. It’s also very frustrating writing a paragraph or two, then realizing I can’t use them because it gives too much away. But it feels very good when I find a way to navigate Scylla and Charybdis.

Okay, you’re right. That may be over-stating it a little. Call it poetic license.

End result so far is my gross to net words ratio is not improving. I remain hopeful, however! As the new characters and their relationships with Orchids Ablaze characters begins to gel, I won’t have so many false starts and contradictions to iron out.

All things considered, I’m still looking forward to seeing how it all turns out!



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I'm on my 5th or 6th career depending on how you count them, but ideally this one will be my last with the kind help of our readers. I've traveled to several states across the U.S., but the Appalachian Mountains of Tennessee and North Carolina will always be where I'm most comfortable. I've been an avid reader of comics for more years than I'm going to mention, but I return time after time to the old pulps. Obviously the Doc Savage books have been a tremendous influence. There's just something about seeing and hearing those characters in your mind's eye, just the way YOU, as the reader, think they should be.. I've been writing poems, lyrics and stories of varying quality since I was in my teens, which means most of my archives are on paper in three-ring binders! I've been creating characters in various RPG systems for at least that long. I've always thought characters made the story: good characters can live on through story after story. It wasn't until the last 6 or 7 years that I felt I could write characters well enough to be engaging. You'll have to let me know how I'm doing.

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