Keeping Score Pt. 2

Book 2 Revisited The second book is moving along. I missed a few regular writing sessions from not feeling well and from attending a convention one weekend. I thoroughly enjoyed the convention and talked with interesting people excited about books. It was inspiring and a little frightening. There are a lot of talented people putting […]

Going Public

Until recently, I hadn’t given much thought to attending trade shows and/or conventions. With only one book “in the wild” and a hosted website, it seemed a little presumptuous. I self-published¬†Orchids Ablaze¬†strictly as an ebook at first. Hardcopy printing brings in new levels of complexity and planning. Just getting the cover and content to display […]

How Minor is Minor?

Minor Characters That Is I like to use minor characters to populate the setting and give the main action a larger context. I think it’s an important part of world-building. As a superheroic setting, the Jagged Earth is rife with possibilities for less-than-major heroes and villains. However, we’ve all seen movies where the supporting cast […]

Polls Anyone?

Site Polls No, not the political kind, or even the Nielsen kind. I’m talking about the Veiled Space kind! We put up a few polls when we first opened up the site that we wanted to get feedback on. The results of the polls are listed below. You’ll also find the impacts your choices made. […]

How much story?

This is a question I struggle with: how much story do I include in the story? Background, drawings, world-building, etc. I have, but how much of it adds to a story before too much of it detracts from the story? Having that kind of detailed information not immediately tied to the story still provides a […]

Tuarsahzi Tidbits

Fair Disclosure: The items that follow have been picked out of the X-Ray content available on the Orchids Ablaze ebook. So if you have that, there won’t be anything new here for you. Keep a lookout for other lore entries though! TUARSAHZI: A large desert realm inhabited by multiple semi-nomadic tribes; a generic term used […]