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If it’s your first time here, welcome!  If it’s not your first time here, welcome back!  Veiled Space (also known as The Veiled Cosmos) is the mythos that underlies the Story World magic our creators provide for your entertainment.  We’re just getting started putting up content for your pleasure, but eventually this will be your gateway to words, music, art and the veritable much, much more.


Pardon the interruption! Orchids Ablaze is available NOW in paperback!

NEWER! The paperback edition of Orchids Ablaze has completed review by Amazon and is available now. It’s been a long (and complex) journey getting everything in order (just the formatting caused plenty of headaches and late nights!), but we are very happy to be able to offer it to those of our readers who like the touch and smell of “old fashioned books.

NEW! Orchids Ablaze has been selected as an official SEMI-FINALIST for the PARANORMAL Book Awards for Supernatural Fiction (a division of the Chanticleer International Book Awards (CIBAs)) and we couldn’t be happier! Unless, of course, the book makes it to the Finals. Then we’d be happier!

Check out the Full Release Notes for more information


Now back to our regularly scheduled greeting

You will see polls on the right-hand sidebar from time to time because we see Veiled Space as being responsive to our followers.  Among other things, we want to know what content you want more of, the lore you’re interested in outside of what specific stories relate, and a hundred other things.  Why?  Candidly, we think it’s the best way to keep you interested, involved and coming back for more.  This isn’t a primary job for most of our contributors and creators, at least not yet.  We need you to make that happen.  We’re starting out slow, but we plan to be around for a long while.  Thanks to you.

So please enjoy your visit!  Wander Veiled Space along with us, this time and many more times in the future.

the S4 team