The Dreaded…

Not Writer’s Block I imagine that The Dreaded writer’s block will always be waiting in the closet. Even when preparing posts for E3ink, I hit blank spots and rewrites. Writer’s block gets a lot of coverage, but after publishing Orchids Ablaze I discovered writer’s block wasn’t the only troll under the bed.  Even when the […]

Influential Writers

A Cornucopia There are so many fantastic writers out there that it’s hard to select just a few that influence my writing. It’s a different list than the authors I most enjoy reading (and re-reading), though there is plenty of overlap. That list gets very long very quickly, especially since it encompasses more than 4 […]

And to all a good night

Thanks to all our Visitors and Friends! Season’s well-wishes to those who celebrate this time. If you don’t celebrate this time of year, then well-wishes for whenever you do celebrate. A little more good will here and there throughout the year certainly is not going to do the world any harm. Be well all.   […]


Never forget your stories It’s the time of year for reflection as I wait to see if it will be a wet or white Christmas. Finishing up the old year and a new one just around the corner, my thoughts are headed farther back than than one year. This year was the year we lost […]