If you’ve been visiting here long, or enjoyed Orchids Ablaze, then you likely know that I believe families are important. Whether you love them, hate them, just met them, or wish you never had, they are still important. They are a connection, for better or worse.

Starting with a bang

Fight Scenes I don’t think it’s giving too much away at this point to say that Book 2: Chapter 1 currently is one big battle. I wanted to start things off with a, literal, bang¬† However, as I near the end of the first cut of Chapter 1, it is beginning to feel very long. […]

Keeping Score: Early May

For those keeping score at home… Although my writing never goes as smoothly or as quickly as I think it should, I’m fairly content with progress so far. Current Total Word Count:¬† 8200 Progress: Prologue modified to match Chapter 1 (current draft). First cut of Chapter 1 is approximately 2/3 complete. Current Hero Count: 3 […]

Tuarsahzi Embassy Overview

The Tuarsahzi Embassy Located in the Lockeheart District of Aurora City, the Tuarsahzi Embassy is first mentioned in Orchids Ablaze. 16th Avenue marks its northern boundary and the complex sprawls between Dumas Boulevard and Eaglefeather Boulevard. The outdoor grounds include many amenities, including fountains, a rock garden, and a large area that replicates the native […]