Quick Look: Serenity Falls

Serenity Falls

Serenity Falls sits to the northeast of the Aurora District. Primarily east of Mount Kirby and Dovie Lake. Serenity Falls covers approximately 14,000 acres and is home for some of the wealthiest of Aurora City elite. There are several exclusive clubs in the area and various social events rotate through the most beautiful locations to be found in the area. Of particular interest are the Serenity Belle’s Ball and the Silver Regatta, both of which happen only once a year.

Top 3’s:

Huntsman's KnobJason Edwin PowersArgent Falls
FallenwoodAnton ZoryaThe Shoppes of Serenity
Stone Sisters SeminaryCyreena DrakkeOld World Import Company
The Powers EstateThe Tatami RoomStone Sisters Seminary
Serenity MarinaClarice's on the LakeGreengallow Caves
Dogwood FieldsKirby's Mead and Fine DiningHarcorte College


W + W + W

What a Weird World

Weird seems such a ….small word to describe what the world is going through. It’s been a long time since my last update and I apologize for that. A family medical emergency completed unrelated to the COVID-19 naturally popped up right in the middle of 60% of the world closing up shop. We’re on the other side of my personal emergency now, but I’m afraid to even contemplate how long it might be until we’re on the other side of this pandemic.

What’s Next

Barely ahead of nearly every location going into a lockdown of some form or another, I was fortunate enough to arrange for my first ever book signing for Orchids Ablaze! Unfortunately, well everyone knows the ‘unfortunately’ part… Originally scheduled for 2May as part of Free Comic Book Day, the book signing has been indefinitely postponed. A very selfish reason I admit for wanting this to be over quickly, but it’s certainly not the only reason. And that brings up the postponement of the 2019 Chanticleer International Book Awards (CIBAs) announcements. Very prudently, Chanticleer has pushed their author’s conference until the fall.

So what?

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A Bright Day

… and not just because the sun is shining down rather than raining!

Orchids Ablaze Book News

I’m excited that Orchids Ablaze has been selected by Chanticleer Reviews as a Semi-Finalist in the Paranormal Division! Of course I hoped I would end up at least in the semifinals, but it’s quite a different excitement to see it come true. I imagine I’m supposed to be blase and matter of fact about it. I’m not. Let’s just say I’m smiling a lot today. Reality will set in soon enough, but I’ll enjoy it for now.

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Aurora City Toppers

From “The Constellation” (Fafnir Entertainment)

Every year is an exciting year in Aurora City. Each one brings new opportunities. Here are a few of Aurora City’s finest that took those opportunities this past year. You’ll see plenty of old favorites, so let’s kick it up a notch, Auroreans, and get some new blood pumping this year!

Top Slogans

1. Orpheus Harmonics (OH!) – “Sound that’s powerful enough to wake the dead”
2. Aurora City Central Elevated Line (ACCEL) – “ACCELerate Your Life”
3. Alexis Athletic Attire (A3) – “All sizes, all shapes, all Alexis”
4. John Little Defense Designs (JLDD) – “A Little Defense goes a long way”
5. Gateway Port Authority (GPA) – “Making the grade every day”

Top Shops

1. Altwood – “The Shops at Kirby”
2. Serenity Falls – “Old World Import Company”
3. Lockeheart District – “2 Tall 4 U”

Top Food

1. Serenity Falls – “Clarice’s on the Lake”
2. Eastside – “Rumbler’s Pies”
3. Aurora District – “The Cosmopolitan”

Top Live Tunes

1. Aurora District – “The Azure Room”
2. Lockeheart District – “The Eleven Club”
3. Aurora District – “Foxhounds”