As in “I took the plunge”… … and submitted Orchids Ablaze to an online writing contest. I almost didn’t post about it at all! I thought I might wait to see how it turned out first. It was somewhat a leap of faith for me being my first effort, especially because I’m going to have […]

How much story?

This is a question I struggle with: how much story do I include in the story? Background, drawings, world-building, etc. I have, but how much of it adds to a story before too much of it detracts from the story? Having that kind of detailed information not immediately tied to the story still provides a […]

Natural Miracles

No, not the fact that Lodge of the Wolf #2 is now ready to move from color-coded pens on graph paper to electronic publishing… although you could make an argument for that. No, I was speaking literally. As I was attempting to conjure ever more fantastic imagery to enchant the next story with, I decided […]