Ebook: Orchids Ablaze

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Orchids Ablaze is now an official SEMI-FINALIST for the PARANORMAL Book Awards for Supernatural Fiction, a division of the Chanticleer International Book Awards (CIBAs)!

Available Now: Orchids Ablaze

The first book of Veiled Space is now available from Amazon! Created by D. D. Wolf for The Jagged Earth Story World, this first tale of Aurora City brings a new universe of super-powered action and adventure to our readers. Complete with X-ray content to take the reader behind the scenes, we hope you enjoy Orchids Ablaze.


Attention Copy:

Love must confront love across the gulf between good and evil and, when the irresistible meets the immovable head-to-head, no one escapes unscathed. Can even the newest of the Jagged Earth’s champions find the strength to prevail when a larger cosmos comes calling with a vengeance?

From Orchid’s Ablaze product description:

Twin sisters, sole survivors of an invasion that obliterated an entire planet’s population, are the harbingers of an ancient war threatening to erupt onto the modern battlefield. Can those Augments dedicated to defeating evil survive, much less triumph? Can they avert ten thousand years of tyranny threatening to engulf countless worlds?

In the City of New Beginnings, Blackhowl, the ruler of the tribal Tuarsahzi, blends tradition with the new Augmented age in The Lodge of the Wolf. From founding member Twilight Huntress to Fyreplay, their newest member, the Lodge protects wherever possible and avenges when they must. Never before, though, have they faced such a swirling miasma of ancient prophecy, murderous betrayal, and ruthless manipulation. Can they prevent the coming conflagration that threatens to immolate not only themselves, but countless innocents?

Welcome to The Jagged Earth. Welcome to Aurora City.