Author DDwolfGreetings and thanks for having an interest in the goings-on at E3ink.  I go by  D.D. Wolf and I’m one of the creators here.  I grew up in the Appalachians amidst the trees and creeks that I still call home.  I’ve lived a few different places in the southeast; from near Washington, DC to southern Georgia and as far west as Mississippi.  Virginia is where I hang my hat at the moment.  Most of my neighbors are deer and the occasional raccoon.  I’m on my 4th or 5th career, depending on how you count them, and with your support will add writing as a 6th.

My background in engineering led me into computer-aided design and geographic information systems, which led me into IT support and eventually to leading software development teams.  I’ve trained in a few different martial arts styles (moving around a lot will do that to you) and taught a few classes along the way.  Regardless of where I’ve lived or what I’ve done, reading and writing have been two constants.  I love to read everything from comic books to speculative fiction (I’m old enough to remember calling it science fiction…) and most fields in between.  I’ve been writing since 5th grade or so, but it’s only been in the past few years that some encouragement from friends has led me to E3ink and the opportunity to publish.