A Bright Day

… and not just because the sun is shining down rather than raining!

Orchids Ablaze Book News

I’m excited that Orchids Ablaze has been selected by Chanticleer Reviews as a Semi-Finalist in the Paranormal Division! Of course I hoped I would end up at least in the semifinals, but it’s quite a different excitement to see it come true. I imagine I’m supposed to be blase and matter of fact about it. I’m not. Let’s just say I’m smiling a lot today. Reality will set in soon enough, but I’ll enjoy it for now.

The next decision point on that front is whether or not to attend the writing conference where the winners will be announced. It’s definitely a non-trivial expense and would be the largest such event I’ve ever been to. It’s also on the other side of the country and I haven’t flown in a jet in a very long time! I think it would be a great experience though, so I’ll have to let the idea percolate a bit.

Orchids Ablaze News Take 2

I have completely blown my desired word count for this week. I’ll be surprised if I have 500 words total by the time it’s all said and done. However, after a few late nights, plenty of headaches, a lot of cursing, and no small amount of luck – I have a paperback format version!

I’ll write more about the ordeal in the future. For now, I’ve implemented the fonts and the styles I want to use for the various types of content (chapter titles, heading quotes, etc.). I still have to incorporate a cover, and possibly a back cover, and find a way to deal with putting the title on the spine.

Always more to do, but I’m one step closer to a book signing!



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