Keeping Score (Interim)

Only a quick update for this session. The first cut at the prologue is now complete at around 1600 words. It may be a little on the long side for a prologue. Given previous drafts, I’m estimating those 1600 words will drop to around 1200 to 1300 “keepers” in the final version. That’s a reasonable […]

Sequel Sorrows Part 1

Top 3 Beginning work on Book 2 of the Lodge of the Wolf has brought into sharp focus three specific items: A “Sophomore Slump” The movie sequel problem Duplication from Book 1 The first two bullets really boil down the same question: can I write another book at least as good as the first one. […]

The HITMAN Protocols

Welcome the HITMAN The HITMAN (Heuristic Interdiction, Tracking, Monitoring, Assault and Neutralization) Program is a highly classified, cooperative, international research operation sponsored by several national governments. It is the successor to the North American HITMARC (High-Intensity Threat Management and Augmented Resource Control) Initiative. The HITMAN Program’s mission is to research, develop, design and build advanced robotics […]

Technical Difficulties

This computerized age has a lot to offer. It also occasionally hands me a technical situation that I can’t call upon the expert assistance of the S4 team. Which is how I ended up recently spending two days – along with some lost skin and a few injudicious threats that probably weren’t appropriate directed toward […]

It’s a Sound-Byte World

Or Not Another thought that occasionally plagues my mind is how much time our visitors want to spend at E3ink. The most common advice I find for fledgling website writers is “content is king!” or my version of “post early, post often”. It’s a world where news is delivered in 5-minute segments, where advertisements take […]