A New Logo for E3ink!

  Head’s up!   You’re going to see our new logo appearing here and there on the site from now on. Designed and built by one of our own, it sums up why we are here: writing and reading. E3ink isn’t solely about books, of course; that’s just where we got started. Fiction, poetry, lyrics, music, […]

SWORD Part 2

Organization and Structure Each SWORD station is under the direct control of the Station Research Director (SRD), a position appointed by the SWORD Research Consultation Council (SRCC). Each Station Research Director serves until removed and exercises complete authority not only over the immediate assets of their station, but also any seconded, transferred or temporary assets […]

Natural Miracles

No, not the fact that Lodge of the Wolf #2 is now ready to move from color-coded pens on graph paper to electronic publishing… although you could make an argument for that. No, I was speaking literally. As I was attempting to conjure ever more fantastic imagery to enchant the next story with, I decided […]

SWORD Part 1

SWORD Augment Designation (SAD) System Since there is no known way to predetermine the exact nature of an individual’s Augmentation even if the precipitating Aurorae Effect is known or can be reasonably assumed, the classification of Augmented individuals is based upon their evidenced abilities and general intent. These designations are used for filing, sorting and […]

Setting As Character

Character Settings Batman = Gotham. Superman = Metropolis. As memorable as the characters I grew up reading, the settings for their adventures have taken on a life of their own. Our heroes may travel far and wide, but they always seem to return “home”. Occasionally the time is as important as the location a la […]