W + W + W

What a Weird World Weird seems such a ….small word to describe what the world is going through. It’s been a long time since my last update and I apologize for that. A family medical emergency completed unrelated to the COVID-19 naturally popped up right in the middle of 60% of the world closing up […]

A Bright Day

… and not just because the sun is shining down rather than raining! Orchids Ablaze Book News I’m excited that Orchids Ablaze has been selected by Chanticleer Reviews as a Semi-Finalist in the Paranormal Division! Of course I hoped I would end up at least in the semifinals, but it’s quite a different excitement to […]

Keeping Score 2020 v1.2

Quick update It will be a very short update… last week was spent laid up with the first (and hopefully last) winter ailment, so I completely failed to reach my word count goal. Fortunately, I was in better shape in time for the S3 writing team meeting where I received some excellent feedback and input […]