SWORD Part 1

The Specialized Weaponry and Ordnance Research Directorate (SWORD) History and Function The current incarnation of SWORD began as the Special Augmentation Reconnaissance Initiative (SARI), an organization created under the joint oversight of NATO and INTERPOL. Augmentation is not geographically dependent, but Augments most often center their operations within a geographic and/or political boundary, therefore elements […]

The Aurora Aura

Excerpt from “Aurorae Effect Overview” [the Journal of Augmentation Research] … Human Augments receive their abilities by interacting with an Aurorae Effect. More commonly referred to as Aurora Portals, these shimmering curtains of energy appear at seemingly random intervals and random locations. The portals are not transparent and can be avoided or walked around like any […]

Support Systems

Everyone should have some type of support system, especially unpublished writers. It is fantastic to have friends that support your efforts in general, but in this day and age extended support systems are critical. I’m sure that certain types of support don’t vary overly much between traditional publishing and self-publishing. Regardless of what or how […]