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The region Aurora City dwellers refer to as THE COSMOPOLITAN forms the northeast corner of the Aurora District. Slightly over 5 square miles in area, it stretches east to west between Lee Street and Polaris Street. It is bounded on the north by 13th Avenue and generally considered to extend as far south as 92nd Avenue WestThe Cosmopolitan Inn from which the area takes its name dominates the skyline, but “The Cosmo” is far from the only interesting place to visit. Among others, highlights include:

The Dawn Endowment Cultural Center and Museum embraces and celebrates the region’s history and diversity. Interactive learning experiences both inside and outside in the extensive gardens explore Native American heritage and customs as well as depict their impact on the city. Traveling exhibits highlighting Native American cultures from both North and South America rotate through the museum during the year. International cultural traveling exhibits are welcome, if occasional, visitors as well. Cherokee storytellers and dancers are frequent guests.

The Aurora City Museum offers visitors a guided exploration of the evolution of the city. Walk-through exhibits detail the days as port and trading post to the current incarnation as the premiere location for Augments. The museum is filled with alcoves of audio-visual exhibits, historical artifacts from the region, auditoriums for technical and dramatic presentations, and knowledgeable staff. Scholars from Stone Sisters Seminary, Mountainsong Natural Studies, and Chalice Academy hold frequent public lectures.

Ruby’s is the unquestionable leader in the sale and auction of precious gems, jewelry, and antiquities of all kinds. Mr. Rudy Gilman is the proprietor and personally evaluates all items prior to their display. He acts as auctioneer for those items which catch his personal interest. While undoubtedly catering to the rich and famous, Mr. Gilman always welcomes well-behaved visitors of all backgrounds and persuasions, oftentimes making his establishment feel more like museum than retail shop.



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