Aurora City Greater Metro Area

Port Kirby to Aurora City What would become Aurora City began as Port Kirby on the Tchalitkee River. The port was originally built to handle trade in furs (deer, beaver, fox and bear) and lumber (white ash, yellow birch, hickory, chestnut) moving east to the coast. “Luxuries” and equipment were shipped inland from more industrial […]

Old School

Or maybe just old… … old enough to do nearly all my preliminary and initial writing on actual paper with ink pens. Technically speaking, I almost exclusively use engineering graph paper and various styles and colors of pens. I love to color-code! This is not a Luddite tirade against technology. More than once I’ve made […]

Eye of the Beholder

Art Begets Art Art evokes emotion. Pictures, paintings, sculpture and a myriad other forms can invoke memories and emotions that transcend class and language barriers. Art inspires. I wrote for years before taking the plunge and self-publishing ORCHIDS ABLAZE. My library contains books from many different genres. I have entire shelves of books I can […]

Chargen Ahead (yes, that’s spelled right… read on!)

Computerized Character Generators AKA Chargen… … have saved me from an old age spent building characters with pen and pencil and calculator. I’ve never been one for min/max’ing a character design to ensure I get absolutely the most possible “stuff” for my points. Some systems are more forgiving than others with combinations and permutations galore […]

Inspirations, Part 2

Sourcebooks Anyone? I love Role-Playing Game sourcebooks. I enjoy reading them, generally more for the “fluff” of background and character details than the “crunch” of game mechanics and probability. To me, RPGs have always been about creating a setting and characters within the overall system and sharing their stories with friends. There are many examples […]