Tuarsahzi Embassy Overview

The Tuarsahzi Embassy Located in the Lockeheart District of Aurora City, the Tuarsahzi Embassy is first mentioned in Orchids Ablaze. 16th Avenue marks its northern boundary and the complex sprawls between Dumas Boulevard and Eaglefeather Boulevard. The outdoor grounds include many amenities, including fountains, a rock garden, and a large area that replicates the native […]

Jagged Origins Update

Origin Story Update I’ve been working on the short pieces that I intend to share with you, kind reader, on the website. After re-reading the character origin “excerpts” for Constance Sorrow and Twilight Huntress, I fear I fractured a golden rule. It isn’t broken completely, but there’s definitely room for improvement. The Twilight on the […]

The HITMAN Protocols

Welcome the HITMAN The HITMAN (Heuristic Interdiction, Tracking, Monitoring, Assault and Neutralization) Program is a highly classified, cooperative, international research operation sponsored by several national governments. It is the successor to the North American HITMARC (High-Intensity Threat Management and Augmented Resource Control) Initiative. The HITMAN Program’s mission is to research, develop, design and build advanced robotics […]