Slowly Back On Track


As in “back in the groove” at least temporarily. Completed about 1800 words gross working on the Prologue/Chapter 1. I’m not even considering what my net word count might be. For now, it’s enough just to get back to consistently writing. The more I write into it, the more it’s beginning to beef up past what I consider a Prologue. I’m still struggling with ways to reference material from the first book without giving away too much of the story.

Part of the plan to address that issue is allowing the words per chapter count to go up around 2000 words total, at least for this iteration. The “extra” words will allow me to introduce more description earlier, both of setting and character. That should let me use the early chapters to bring new readers up to speed faster while keeping enough content to interest return customers.

Not So Groovy

I’m going to have to spend time on (more or less) emergency house maintenance the next few weeks. Keeping in writing mode is important to me, so I plan on continuing the blog, but the entries may be shorter (surely that wasn’t that a sigh of relief I just heard?). Keeping my books and computers safe and sheltered is a high priority. Besides my personal stash of literature, I still keep quite a bit of hard-copy reference material for use when I want to feel some weight and smell the paper for ideas and inspiration, much like writing notes on my favorite graph paper. So, I’m going to be splitting my time between multiple simultaneous projects. Never the optimal solution, but it’s the one that I have to work with!



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I'm on my 5th or 6th career depending on how you count them, but ideally this one will be my last with the kind help of our readers. I've traveled to several states across the U.S., but the Appalachian Mountains of Tennessee and North Carolina will always be where I'm most comfortable. I've been an avid reader of comics for more years than I'm going to mention, but I return time after time to the old pulps. Obviously the Doc Savage books have been a tremendous influence. There's just something about seeing and hearing those characters in your mind's eye, just the way YOU, as the reader, think they should be.. I've been writing poems, lyrics and stories of varying quality since I was in my teens, which means most of my archives are on paper in three-ring binders! I've been creating characters in various RPG systems for at least that long. I've always thought characters made the story: good characters can live on through story after story. It wasn't until the last 6 or 7 years that I felt I could write characters well enough to be engaging. You'll have to let me know how I'm doing.

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